Collection: Bits - Bombers

Bombers is a well-known international company that has been designing and manufacturing quality bits, spurs and other equestrian products for over 30 years. The company specialises in providing innovative solutions to the most challenging problems horse riders face, especially when choosing the right bit to help your horse perform at its best.  

We can source any Bomber bit for you!  If its not listed below, please get in touch and we will add it.  We can aslo arrange a custom Bombers bit for you if there is something very specific required that isnt currently being produced.  Most orders only take about 10 days however,  if the APAC depot is out of stock and it needs to be ordered from the factory it could take 3 to 4 weeks - see exact dates HERE.

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Shop Bomber bits by cheek piece:                           
Loose Ring
Loose Ring Tube
Kimberley Dee
Full Cheek
Fulmer Loose Ring
2 1/2 ring / Universal 
Classic Dee
Drop Cheek / Hanging Cheek / Baucher
Running Gag
DC Dressage
DC Morgan
Wilkie (Beval)
Tom Thumb (Dutch Gag)

Shop Bomber bits by mouth piece: 
Happy Tongue
McHardy Elliptical
Bomber Blue
Ported Barrel
Ported Pivot
Barrel 20
Barrel 30
Colin Miles
Elliptical Roller
Elliptical Lock Up
Elliptical Ultra Comfy Lock Up
Ultra Comfy Lock Up
Lock Up
Ultra Comfy
Flexible Mullen
Moulded Mullen
Leather Mullen
Moulded Preferred Contact
Buster Roller
Twisted Buster Roller
Control Plate