Collection: Bombers Elevator Cheek Piece

The Bombers Elevator positions the mouthpiece in the middle of the cheekpiece making the purchase and shank equal length. The Elevator Loren purchase and shank are curved slightly backward, allowing for a nose-out head position when working. The Elevator Loren is designed to apply both poll pressure and leverage to the mouth piece; although the curved back shank and purchase helps to reduce some of the leverage that the longer purchase creates. As a fixed cheekpiece, it should be fitted snug to reduce any sliding of the mouthpiece, but therefore also applies the leverage to the mouthpiece very quickly, requiring good hands.

We can source any Bomber bit for you!  If its not listed below, please get in touch and we will add it.  We can aslo arrange a custom Bombers bit for you if there is something very specific required that isnt currently being produced.  Most orders only take about 10 days however,  if the APAC depot is out of stock and it needs to be ordered from the factory it could take 3 to 4 weeks - see exact dates HERE.