On Behalf Sales

Do you have great quality equestrian gear, saddles or clothing that you would like to sell but don't have the time?  We can sell it for you! 

If you want it sold quickly, we can potentially buy it from you directly too.  Remember that we need to buy at a 'wholesale' price in order to make a profit when I sell it at a retail price.  Talk to us about the options.

What are the benefits of selling on your behalf? You don't have to deal with time wasters, Facebook scammers, finding packaging and the right size boxes, sending items, dealing with couriers etc etc

My on behalf commission is 20%

How does it work?

Step one: Get it in touch and discuss the items you potentilly want to sell and then complete the on behalf form here

Step two: Get the items to me (76 Schnapper Rock Road, Schnapper Rock, Auckland 0632)

Step three: I re-dye any black leather that requires it and can take boots or other leather items to the be repaired if required (there may be an extra charge for this depending on what it is - we will discuss it prior). I then sell your items for you.

Step four: Once all your items have sold, I pay you 80% of what the items sold for.

Things to bare in mind:

  • I cant guarantee how long it will take to sell.  Saddles take about 6 months on average depending on the brand, size, condition, price and time of year.
  • Prices need to be realistic  
  • No items under $50 unless they are part of a bigger consignment
  • Our preference is for recognizable, top quality brands.  
  • Items need to be in good condition and clean. If you don't have time to clean them, we can do it for you however a fee will be charged per item.
  • No covers unless they are have been professionally cleaned and are in excellent condition. 
  • No clothing or gear that is stained, has holes or is near the end of its lifespan please.
  • You can pick up or ask me to return any items (at your cost) after a reasonable time if they haven't sold by then. Minimum 3 months.
  • If you have a minimum price requirement for your items, please ensure we have discussed it in writing (and agreed to it) prior to you sending your items to me.  In addition to this, please also include this info on the form in step one (if its only on the form its very easy to miss it).  If we haven't discussed it and agreed to it, we cannot be held laible for selling an item for less than you wanted.
  • If you are very price sensitive with your items, we suggest you try selling it yourself first as this will probably put the most money in your pocket.
  • All prices discussed will be the price we sell the item for.  The commisision will come off this price.

Contact me to discuss by messaging me through my Facebook page, texting (029 123 6121) or emailing me.


Q: What happens if I had the item listed prior to sending it to you and it sells?

A: Please refer the buyer to me and let me know the situation.  They would typically need to purchase it from me at the price I have it listed for.

Q. I have sent you some items to sell and now I've decided I need one of them back.  What do I do?

A. We require a minimum of three months before returning any items.  It takes time to list and advertise the items and its only fair that we have some time to sell them once that work is done.  After three months you are welcome to come pick up anything that has not sold if you need it or we can send it to you (at your expense).  Please note saddles take on average about 6 months to sell.