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Sprenger KK Ultra RS Dynamic Dee Ring

Sprenger KK Ultra RS Dynamic Dee Ring

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These are pre-loved bits in excellent condition!

The Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS D-Ring Snaffle Bit features the innovative mouthpiece metal. As a result of ongoing research and development, experts at Herm Sprenger have created a metal for a mouthpiece that promotes a delicate and sensitive connection to the horse. It instills a pleasant taste, encourages salivation and promotes bit acceptance. It also significantly regulates the oxidation process to allow the bit to maintain its beautiful Colour.

Distinctively unique, this metal is a propriety blend of copper, zinc and manganese. A reduced copper content allows some oxidation to occur, but the addition of manganese regulates and slows oxidation which in turn slows disColouration. Manganese is also an important micronutrient for horses, as a crucial component and activator of enzymes. 

The Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Sensogan® D-Ring Snaffle Bit is designed to give soft, but effective instructions for optimal communication between horse and rider. Combining an ergonomically formed curved 14mm Sensogan mouthpiece with the same angled center joint found in KK Ultra bits, this bit lies perfectly in the mouth. The result is soft and even pressure for maximum bit acceptance. 75mm stainless steel rings.

 SPRENGER used this new information for the development of the KK ULTRA. The aim was to improve the bits bit not make them too

How can the sense of touch be stimulated to obtain the desired effect?

  • As the palate is narrower than originally assumed the lozenge in the centre was shortened (no pressure on the palate).
  • The angle of the link was turned at 45. This ensures that when the reins are pulled the rounded link rests fully in the tongue without squeezing it.
  • The tongues sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions are given through the reins.
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