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Sprenger KK Training Eggbutt bit

Sprenger KK Training Eggbutt bit

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This is the standard Herm Sprenger® KK Training Eggbutt Bit.  Its diameter is 18mm and characterized by the following:

This eggbutt maintains the same characteristics the loose ring correction version. It is also well suited for fat tongued horses. The eggbutt is more quiet in the mouth and with the turn backed ends on the mouthpiece, it wraps around which makes it very stable left and right.  This stability aids in turning.

Our experience with this mouth piece in both forms is no constrictive nosebands, i.e. cranks, figure eights and drops of various types. This mouthpiece wants rock and when the jaw can move, it does its job best.

The horses that tend to go well in these kinds of wide and deepish ports are uncomfortable across tongue, want room and less pressure there.

When they get relief, they relax and the jaw starts to move, let it and they usually return with the softness we wish to have.

Final note as to fit, wide port bits should be smaller rather than larger. Excessive side slip will cause the port to bang into the molars and that is to be avoided if at all possible.

  • Relieves the pressure on the middle of the tongue by only exerting pressure when pulling on the reins
  • Ideal for horses with a sensitive or thick/fleshy tongue
  • Can be used for the correction of tongue vices for a time period of a few weeks
  • Suitable for horses that are a bit strong and willful

Distinctively unique, this metal is a proprietary blend of copper, zinc and manganese. A reduced copper content allows some oxidation to occur, but the addition of manganese regulates and slows oxidation which in turn slows disColouration. Manganese is also an important micronutrient for horses, as a crucial component and activator of enzymes. 

These are pre loved bits in excellent condition

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