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PS of Sweden brown Nirak bridle X full size (size 4)

PS of Sweden brown Nirak bridle X full size (size 4)

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Gorgeous brown PS of Sweden Nirak bridle, X full size (size 4). Lovely soft leather, excellent condition!

    The adjustable noseband provides adjustable pressure over the nose which helps the horse to support the bit in a natural way, which is perfect for, for example, the young horse who is still in training or for the more sensitive horse who does not like to take support and releases contact with the bit. The noseband is also suitable for strong/hot horses who "lean on" as it helps the rider regulate the horse without a sharp bit or hard hand, the rider can work together with NirakTM and a suitable bit more easily. The fact that there is only one side piece that is connected to the noseband creates pressure on the nose with a rein pull, much like a hackamore. This pressure is adjustable, the further down on the nose it sits - the sharper the effect. The noseband is also upwardly curved, which reduces pressure on the airways. The noseband reduces the risk of bit-related injuries inside the mouth because it does not lie directly against the teeth.
    The headpiece is built with an air channel over the withers and the highest part of the neck to provide maximum freedom for the sensitive nerve pathways, muscle attachments, and ligaments that all attach to the neck. It also has built-up, softly padded edges with an anatomical design around the ears. At the top, we also have a round cutout to distribute pressure evenly over the entire headpiece. On this model, we have also added a stop on the headpiece to stop the browband from sliding down.
    Our side pieces are specially designed to reduce pressure from the neck through our elastic CradlesTM. A vagga is an extra elastic band that the bit should rest on. The elastic band is located partly in the side pieces at the bit, but also on our reins. The idea is that they should act elastically and provide a higher degree of comfort for the horse, as they should allow the bit to "bounce". This should relieve teeth and jaws from static pressure. Many believe that horses prefer this type of bridle and that it can be more gentle and horse-friendly than ordinary bridles and reins. On this bridle, the side piece is connected to the noseband and also has selectable vaggas, which makes it easy to detach the "Cradles" when entering the dressage arena.
    The browband is U-shaped to counteract pressure on the horse's forehead and eyeballs. Today, all of our browbands are equipped with a rubber-coated inside, so-called "anti-slip", which is supposed to keep the browband up and prevent it from sliding down. As if this were not enough, we also have our beloved Click-ItTM function, which makes it easy to remove and replace the browband when needed, even when the horse is wearing the bridle.
    The bridle is approved for competition in all disciplines in Sweden and within the FEI. Remember to buy a throat latch and attach it to your browband and make sure the vaggas are disconnected during dressage competitions.

Recommended for horses that:
* Tuck their nose and release their neck
* Have difficulty relaxing and taking support on the bit
* Are strong and forward

Extra features:
* Avoids unwanted pressure
* Combines bit and nose pressure
* Leaves the sensitive nerve endings free
* Flat, Italian, vegetable tanned leather
* FEI approved for both horses and ponies in all disciplines

Please note:
* The throatlatch is not included with the bridle
* Reins are not included with the bridle and needs to be purchased separately
* Comes with PS bridle bag

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