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PS of Sweden brown High Jump bridle full size (size 3)

PS of Sweden brown High Jump bridle full size (size 3)

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Gorgeous brown PS of Sweden High Jump bridle, full size (size 3). Lovely soft leather, lightly used and in excellent condition!  Note: the head piece can be swapped for a size 4 (X Full) if required.

    The noseband is designed in a way to avoid pressure from the outside on the teeth and sensitive nerves. As it does not create any pressure on the teeth, it also minimizes any teeth-related injuries. This bridle is recommended for horses with previous bit-related injuries or sensitive gums. The bridle also has a flexible bow, making it adjustable for each horse with much greater variation than many classic bridles. The noseband takes up little space, which minimizes the pressure on the sides. The sidepieces of the noseband are also rounded to make room for the cheekbones and fasten with a pullback snap in the D-ring, which gives additional freedom for the jaw as the cushion is always centered.
    The area around the horse's neck behind the ears is a very sensitive area with many nerves and ligaments. To relieve the pressure from the bridle, we have developed a headpiece that is extra wide, distributes pressure well, and leaves plenty of room for the ears. Made from exclusive English, vegetable-tanned eco-leather and fitted with soft padding for added comfort. This is the widest headpiece in the collection and has two cutouts to distribute the pressure. The headpiece is also cut to make room for the horse's ears - all to provide the highest possible comfort.
    Our cheekpieces are specially developed to reduce pressure from the neck via our elastic CradlesM. A "cradles" is an extra elastic band that the bit should rest on. The elastic band is located in the cheekpieces at the bit but also on our reins. The idea is that they should act elastically and provide a higher degree of comfort for the horse, as they should allow the bit to "bounce". This should relieve teeth and jaws from static pressure. Many believe that horses prefer this type of bridle, and that it can be more gentle and horse-friendly than regular bridles and reins. On this bridle, the seams are rounded and there are also optional "cradles", which means that you can easily detach the "cradles" when you enter the dressage arena.
    The browband is U-shaped to prevent pressure on the horse's forehead and eye socket. Today, all our browbands are equipped with a rubber-coated inside, so-called "anti-slip," which is supposed to keep the browband in place and prevent it from sliding down. As if this were not enough, we naturally have our beloved Click-ItTM function, which makes it easy to remove and replace the browband as needed, even when the horse is wearing the bridle.
    The bridle is approved for competition in all disciplines in Sweden and within the FEI. Remember to buy a jaw strap and attach it to your browband and make sure the vaggas are disconnected during dressage competitions.

Recommended for horses that:
* Are very sensitive to pressure
* Have difficulty relaxing and coming to work
* Have difficulty supporting themselves on the bit
* Have previous bit or teeth-related injuries
* Can occasionally become strong

Please note:
* The throatlatch is not included with the bridle
* Comes with PS bridle bag
* Reins are not included with the bridle and needs to be purchased separately

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