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Premier Equine Techno Wool Anti Slip Tail Guard

Premier Equine Techno Wool Anti Slip Tail Guard

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Sumptuous, shock absorbing techno wool engineered for ultimate travel protection.

Engineered as the ultimate shock absorbing tail guard developed to protect your horse from knocks and impact commonly incurred during transit. Combining padded neoprene and advanced Techno Wool in a high-rise design for maximum tail coverage and protection.

The padded neoprene provides exceptional contoured protection of the tail bones and muscles contouring comfortably to the shape of the tail. The high-rise construction is lined with sumptuous Techno Wool protecting the top of the tail which is the most susceptible area to rubbing. Techno Wool is a natural shock absorber and the fibrous texture evenly distributes pressure and helps wick away moisture.

Four vertical anti-slip gel strips have been strategically placed internally to prevent slipping, the outer fabric provides the ability to achieve a custom fit due to the nature of the Velcro system. Four Velcro straps have been cut to help aid quick removal and applying even pressure.

Your Tail Guard has been carefully hand packaged inside a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag to keep your tack room tidy when not in use and easy for carrying.

Techno Wool Anti Slip Tail Guard – Key Features:

  • High rise design for maximum tail coverage, lined with Techno Wool at the top
  • Neoprene outer
  • Anti-Slip gel strips on the inside of the tail guard
  • Four quick removal Velcro straps
  • Even pressure
  • Silicone badge detail
  • Comes inside a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag
  • Machine washable (30°), dry naturally
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Customer Reviews

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Beautifully made, doesn't slip!

Great tail guard for my horse who loves to sit on the bum bar/ramp and will rub his tail raw without it. Stays perfectly in place and is a great fit. The sheepskin top comes up nice and high on the back to easily cover the dock without giving your horse a wedgie :-) Washes up nicely even after being extensively redecorated with poo! Love this tail guard.