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Premier Equine Levade Ladies Leather Dressage Riding Boot (Black)

Premier Equine Levade Ladies Leather Dressage Riding Boot (Black)

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Calf Size

The PE Levade long leather horse riding boots are crafted specifically for dressage from high-quality European and patent leather. Also available in grey

The traditional knee-high length is embellished with patent leather around the outer calf and a metallic detailing at the knee. Offering sophisticated appearance during everyday leisure or competition use.

The Levade design allows for a close-contact, contoured fit which elongates the rider’s leg and offers flexibility around the ankle. Supple, textured leather is integrated into the inside of the calf; aiding grip in the saddle and soft-touch communication with the sides of the horse.

The freedom of movement that these long riding boots provide makes them perfect for use in dressage. The technology helps to provide stability in the lower leg position, allowing for concise leg aids and clear communication between you and your horse. A discreet elastic panel runs down the rear length of the boot towards the heel for a made-to-measure feel. A durable YKK zip sits along the front inside calf for a seamless appearance in the saddle, with an added leather press closure covering the zip pull and helping to protect your saddle from excessive wear or damage.

A subtle double spur rest adds security to the artificial aids. The handmade soles add a durable grip to these leather boots and the non-slip tread allows for secure footing on most outdoor equestrian surfaces and in the stirrup irons. The shock-absorbing cushioning system creates targeted support to the heel and arch of the rider's foot.

Technical Detail

  • Premium grade leather
  • Textured leather on the inner calf for improved grip
  • Metallic detailing at the outer knee
  • Traditional dressage boot design
  • Discreet comfort fit elasticated stretch panel
  • Rear spur rests
  • Premium YKK zip on from inner calf
  • Comfort insole
  • Press stud zip guard
  • Premium handmade sole
  • PE branded badge

Care Instructions

Firstly we recommend you test all products used during the cleaning process on a concealed patch of leather to make sure they are compatible and ensure that they give the desired finish.

Use a soft bristled brush or damp sponge to gently remove dirt build up from around the boot. Pay particular attention to the zip and rim of the sole.

Rinse a cloth in clean lukewarm water and gently wring it out, leaving a fair amount of moisture within it.

We then recommend the use of self-foaming footwear cleaner. Apply foam to the entire outer boot sparingly and carefully wipe away any remaining dirt using a soft circular motion - this will prevent streaking marks.

Using a clean cloth wipe away excess foam.

Leave leather to dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

You may wish to apply a specialist leather wax or cream formula which will help preserve the leathers properties.

As a finishing product we recommend the application of a protective spray which will help guard the leather against water, stains and most importantly urine, which can degrade leather over time.

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