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Premier Equine Lambro Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband

Premier Equine Lambro Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband

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Scientifically advanced, this bridle offers ultimate comfort for your horse with a traditional aesthetic.

Crafted from premium grade leather this anatomic bridle has been engineered to contour around the horse’s ears, nose and cheekbones to achieve superior comfort and an ergonomic fit.

The anatomically shaped, padded poll piece has been carefully designed to distribute pressure over the less sensitive areas of the poll and away from the ears. A padded, shaped browband creates definition and the round raised design offers an elegant aesthetic. Our anatomically shaped snaffle noseband dips down to avoid contact with the horse’s cheekbones, alleviating pressure and potentially heightening performance.

A modern twist on a popular choice for horse owners, the snaffle bridle is one of the most commonly used bridles due to its versatility and functionality.

Premium quality stainless steel fastenings and elegant stitching onto astonishingly soft leather completes the stunning look.

Anatomic bridles are particularly suited to sensitive or young horses who may benefit from the enhanced comfort that they provide.

The innovative alignment features no traditional throat lash and a shaped, padded anatomical noseband prevents added pressure on the nasal bone and cranial nerves.


Key features

  • British Dressage & British Eventing legal

  • Italian leather bridle

  • Anatomically shaped soft padded poll piece

  • Soft, padded and shaped browband with a round raised design and PE branded brooch either side

  • Cheek pieces and billet fastenings

  • Innovative alignment with no throat lash

  • Curved cavesson avoids contact with the main facial nerve

  • Anatomically shaped soft padded snaffle noseband aids unrestricted breathing

  • Stainless steel buckles and billets

  • Reins not included

How to care for your leather bridle

We have sourced the finest vegetable tanned Italian leather which is made in the heart of Italy, adopting environmentally friendly processes. As part of the tanning process natural ingredients and plant extracts are used to provide the leather with its exceptional finish. To maximise the life span of your bridle and to help prevent staining, we highly recommend a leather care routine after each use…

  1. Use luke-warm water on a damp cloth or soft sponge to gently remove dust, dirt and grease from the surface. Be sure to concentrate on areas around buckles and key points of contact with your horse

  2. We recommend conditioning the leather using a soap/cream sparingly, taking great care to rub gently and in a circular motion until all of the product has been absorbed

  3. Using a clean cloth, wipe away excess soap/cream from the surface

  4. Leave the leather to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat sources

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