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Premier Equine Chamonix Leather Close Contact Jump Saddle (Brown)

Premier Equine Chamonix Leather Close Contact Jump Saddle (Brown)

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Crafted with premium German aniline leather, this close contact saddle offers optimum performance for the showjumper. The close contact design features a forward-cut knee roll which aids the correct positioning of the leg and the specifically designed, square cantle assists with the natural rider action over fences. 

The leather flap features dynamic style lines which add textural dimension to this jump saddle. 

The copolymer tree construction is extremely lightweight and has incredible crack-resistant properties which allow the tree to flex so minutely that it prevents the tree from cracking under stress but provides brilliant support to the saddle. Polished leather girth straps offer custom girthing options for comfort and our synthetic fibre wool provides a system of balanced pressure distribution. 

Covered by a leather skirt, the safety flick stirrup bars allow for quick and easy application and removal of your stirrup leathers. Front D rings have been added for the application of training aids and martingales. 

Finished with our signature metal pin badges and PE embroidered logo.

We offer an affordable solution with a high level of anatomical expertise in the development of our innovative range of discipline-specific saddles with customisable fitting options. For the ideal fit, we advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to provide you with a guide to the best size PE gullet for use in your Premier Equine saddle.

We understand that various factors can affect your horse such as health, fitness, exercise regimen, age, and condition. These factors may contribute to changes in the shape of your horse meaning that you may need to reassess the fit of your saddle. Our PE Interchangeable Gullet System allows for quick and easy customisation of the fit of the saddle, without the additional cost of a new saddle. 


  • German aniline leather
  • Synthetic fibre wool flocking
  • Copolymer tree
  • Polished leather girth straps
  • Stainless steel hardware


Premier Equine offer a size range of PE Interchangeable Gullets which can help with customising the fit of your saddle. We advise the purchase of the PE Gullet Gauge to provide you with a guide to the best size PE gullet for selection and use in your Premier Equine saddle. 

We advise that you seek the advice of a professional saddle fitter to ensure the correct fitting of your saddle. 

Jumping style

Close contact

German aniline leather

Copolymer tree


PE Interchangeable Gullet System

Synthetic fibre wool flocked panels for comfort

Stainless steel safety flick stirrup bars

Front D rings

Medium depth seat

Specifically designed square cantle

Padded knee roll

Detachable knee block

Detachable thigh block

Polished leather girth straps

Billet guard protection panel

Balanced, even pressure distribution

Unrestricted movement

Comes as standard with a medium gullet plate included

Various gullet widths are available to purchase separately

PE branded pin badge

PE embroidered logo

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