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Bombers Baucher (Drop / Hanging Cheek) Lock Up

Bombers Baucher (Drop / Hanging Cheek) Lock Up

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Bombers Baucher (Drop Cheek) Lock Up - Brand new!

The Baucher / hanging cheek has an Eggbutt like ring at the mouthpiece for the rein, with an upper cheek that has a ring at its end, to which the cheekpiece of the bridle is attached.

The mouthpiece does not slide on its ring resulting in a very still and stable mouthpiece. The cheekpieces lies flat against the horse's face, and the mouthpiece is quite fixed in the mouth and concentrates pressure on the bars.

Our Snaffle is a popular bit due to the curved mouthpiece which distributes pressure more evenly over tongue and bars. With the offset centre link it will reduce the nutcraker action and pressure points on the tongue.

The 'lock up' has less curve in the mouth piece than the 'ultra comfy locl up'.

All Bomber bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

  • oxidises easily
  • encourages salivation
  • helps bit acceptance
  • is warm and sweet

Please note that due to the oxidisation the blue will fade with use.


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