How to choose the right bridle

How to choose the right bridle

Choosing the Right Bridle

Choosing the Right Bridle
Lambro Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband

As the popularity of anatomical bridles continues to rise, we take a look at the many benefits of the design and why it's more than just another equestrian trend. 

The horse's head is covered in a complex network of nerves, veins, arteries and muscles with very little soft tissue to protect them. An ill-fitting bridle can not only cause discomfort for the horse, but could also increase stress, anxiety and affect their overall performance and way of going. Each horse reacts differently to discomfort and some common behaviours such as head shaking, fighting the contact and getting their tongue over the bit can all be signs that the bridle is putting too much pressure on sensitive areas of the face. 


Lambro Anatomic Bridle - quote
Lambro Anatomic Bridle - studio shot

With the increase in research in the saddlery industry, the understanding of the effects of ill-fitting tack has led to a surge in more sympathetically designed bridles. Anatomical bridles have been researched and developed over recent years to help eliminate pressure points over the sensitive areas of the face and head which will potentially eliminate the common problems and enhance the horse's performance. 


After extensive research and development, we are extremely excited to release the scientifically advanced Lambro Anatomic Bridle, new for Summer 2020. Manufactured from a premium grade Italian leather, the Lambro Anatomic Bridle has been engineered to contour around the horse's ears, nose and cheekbones to ensure superior comfort and an ergonomic fit. The wide, cushioned headpiece and crank noseband eliminates pressure and the curved cavesson design avoids discomfort on the main facial nerves. 

Lambro Anatomic Bridle - head piece close up Lambro Anatomic Bridle - noseband fastening close up Lambro Anatomic Bridle - noseband close up

The Headpiece: The padded, anatomically shaped poll piece has carefully been designed to help distribute pressure over less sensitive areas, away from the ears. 

The Noseband: The wide surface area of the noseband helps to distribute pressure whilst the contoured shape avoids contact with the horses cheekbones and reduces pressure on the main facial nerves. 

Every little detail on the Lambro Bridle has been carefully considered, from the softest Italian leather down to the delicate stitching and stainless steel fastenings, the Lambro offers the market a premium quality comfort bridle at an affordable price. 


If you do need a bridle with a flash we have also introduced the Savuto Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband & Flash for Summer 2020. The Savuto boasts all the above features but with the added benefit of having an integrated flash noseband, find out more information about this bridle here. 

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