Airowear Wave body protector - Brand New!
Airowear Wave body protector - Brand New!
Airowear Wave body protector - Brand New!
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Airowear Wave body protector - Brand New!

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These are brand new!

The Wave is Airowear’s lightest ever body protector that protects the rider’s body in a way that was never possible before.

The unisex BETA Level 3 lightweight body protector moulds to the body using patented Flexion technology.

Beta 2018 Level 3 - this is the latest safety standard and it can be red tagged.

Flexion, developed by Airowear’s safety design team, is the most comfortable, impact-absorbing foam to wear against the body. It intelligently moulds to the wearer’s shape whilst allowing maximum comfort, unrestricted movement and greater flexibility.


  • The lightest ever Airowear body protector
  • Flexion technology foam effectively disperses impact energy
  • Patented design gives multi-directional flexibility
  • Adjustable sizing on shoulders offers great value and longevity
  • Stretch lacing at the sides
  • Zipped jacket style
  • Self-closing armhole dart for greater range of fit
  • Intelligent Microfresh lining which is quick-drying and breathable

T1 Slim: Ladies size 4 (chest 65 - 72cm, waist 57 -66cm)

T1: Ladies size 6 (chest 70 - 78cm, waist 63 -72cm)

T2 Slim: Ladies size 6 to 8 (chest 74 - 80cm, waist 65 -74cm)

T2: Ladies size 8 (chest 78 - 84cm, waist 67 -76cm)

L3 Slim: Ladies size 8 to 10 (chest 82 - 88cm, waist 70 - 78cm)

L3: Ladies size 10 (chest 86 - 92cm, waist 74 -82cm)

L4 Slim: Ladies size 12 to 14 (chest 90 - 96cm, waist 80 -88cm)

L4: Ladies size 14  (chest 94 - 100cm, waist 84 -92cm)

L5 Slim: Ladies 14 - 16 (chest 96 - 105cm, waist 88 -98cm)

L5: Ladies Size 14 to 16 (chest 100 - 108cm, waist 89 - 99cm)

L6 : Ladies 16 - 18 (chest 108 - 116cm, waist 97 - 109cm)

L7: Ladies Size 18 to 20 (chest 114 - 124cm, waist 108 - 120cm)

Back length:

Short: 47cm (persons height of 146cm - 164cm on average)

Regular: 50cm (persons height of 158cm - 174cm on average)

Long: 53cm (persons height of 166cm - 182cm on average)

The Airowear Outlyne body protector is scientifically designed to offer a tailored fit specific to the needs of the rider’s body type, which maximises the protection offered while allowing unrestricted movement and flexibility. The Women’s Outlyne moulds to the curves of a woman’s body and is structured across the chest to maximise comfort.



Your body protector should be fitted over light clothing and heavier garments worn over the top.


Take the chest, waist (at base of ribs) and back length measurements and select the corresponding size from within the chart. A women’s fit may be better achieved by choosing one size smaller than the actual chest measurement - or do your measurement wearing the same sports bra you would when riding and measure fairly tightly for an accurate measurement.

Back length: Measure from the base of your neck (C7 vertebrae) to the base of your spine.


Before trying on, loosen the chest and waist straps of the body protector. Once on, insert thumbs into the armholes to bring the two panels together to make it easier to zip the body protector.


Fasten the adjustable straps so that a snug but comfortable fit is achieved, ensuring the contrast orange velcro markers are covered. This step will determine whether a smaller or larger size is required because if the orange cannot be completely covered, the body protector is too small. If the velcro fastenings cannot be closed enough to ensure a snug fit, then the body protector is too large.


Adjust the shoulders so the neckline lies flat against the body. If this cannot be achieved, a shorter back length may be needed.


If possible, check the back length by sitting on a saddle and ensuring there is approximately a hand’s width between the saddle and base of the body protector. At the front, the body protector should reach the breastbone at the top and cover the bottom rib at mid-chest by approximately 2.5 cm but should not cover the belly button.

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